Your pearly whites

The story about our favorite nicknames

Your pearly whitesWe humans have always been quick to give people and things nicknames, and our teeth are not an exception. Teeth have gotten plenty of different nicknames throughout the years. The different names come from function, appearance or both.

Pearly Whites is probably the most common of these nicknames. It springs from the human desire to look your absolute best. Pearls are one of the most desirable valuables there is and what better name to give your teeth than after something that is so valuable. People always want to look their best, and image is everything in today’s society. Not only celebrities fix their teeth to perfection but also regular people are choosing to do so. And the whiter your teeth are, the more perfect they look. You must have everything to impress your neighbor from a perfect row of white, shiny pearly teeth.

Pearly whites can be a good accessory when visiting a casino. Show off your perfect white row of teeth and secure a spot at the best table in the casino. At the black jack table, you can dazzle your opponents and win big. If you are unlucky and not blessed with a nice set of teeth, try out an online casino instead like There you don’t have to worry about anyone staring at you, but you can still win big at your favorite table. Another online Casino also offers lot of slot and classic games so you may feel yourself excited of playing here.

While the nickname pearly whites refer to the appearance of the teeth, the name refers to their function. The name comes from a term which means that someone is chewing or eating loudly. When using the word chomping you are more often than not referring to the way animals eat, like horses and cows when they eat hay. So when says that someone is chomping, you are saying that they are chewing loudly and are showing bad manners at the table.