Fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentistA traumatic experience at the dentist can cause a fear so strong that you might refuse to go back, even with broken teeth in their mouths people have refused to visit the dentist. It can spring from a cleansing gone bad or an anesthetize that never kicked in and the dentist accidentally hit the nerve. Whatever the origin was, there is a way out of your fear to visit the dentist.

Even though the dentist appointment might not be your favorite experience, you still have to go there because you know your teeth need it. But still, millions of Americans never visit their dentist, all because of dentist fear. Fortunately most dentists know how to handle this fear in their patients and there are several ways to do so.

The first step to overcome your fear is to find the source. It might not be a bad experience in the dental chair; it can be so much more. You can suffer from various different things that can reveal themselves in the dental office, such as anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress.

Second of all, it lies in the dentists hands to make you feel comfortable. It can start in the waiting room where they should create an environment that makes you feel relaxed. It can be soothing posters and relaxing colors. Once in the dental chair, you as a patient should feel that you have control. The dentist can do so by following a couple of guidelines. The dentist should always ask for your permission before starting any procedure, and take lots of pauses for you to feel calm throughout the whole experience. Another thing that gives the patient a sense of control is that the dentist always is always talking about what is going to happen next. In this way, you will be prepared for whatever comes next. Be sure to tell your dentist next time that you go there that you are afraid, and then they can help you overcome that fear.