Getting in to dental school

Some people dream of becoming firefighters and policemen, others dream about taking care of animals and becoming a veterinary. But for a few people out there, their biggest dream is to become a dentist. To make people smile again and help them feel good about themselves, taking care of their dental hygiene.

Getting in to dental schoolThe journey of becoming a dentist starts with getting a doctorate degree in dental medicine or dental surgery. It is very important that you have good communication skills and are comfortable in the position of a leader. Having great problem solving skills is also very beneficial.

In school, you don’t always have to have an undergraduate major to become a dental school student, but to have a bachelor’s degree in either chemistry or biology is a good idea. With these two bachelors, you get to take the science courses that are necessary such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. These are the courses that are required at various dental schools.

The dental school lasts four years and in the first two years, you will study biomedical and dental science starting with an introduction in these two topics covering the most parts of the mouth such as the cell walls and wisdom teeth. You will also have access to advance laboratories during your first two years in the dental science courses where you will practice your dental knowledge. You will also improve your skills in several real life imitating scenarios.

The second half of your education is more practical than the first half. You will gain real life experience and perform dental treatments under authorized supervision, such as tooth extractions and cleanings. There will also be clinical exercises that you will participate in, in group, where you will learn to give patients diagnoses. When you have completed your studies, you will become either a Doctor of Dental Medicine or a Doctor of Dental Surgery.